What kind of market do you think we are in currently for Real estate ?

The Market in Dallas suburbs (especially north dallas) has been VERY strong and the 2018 forecast continues to be strong. Collin county has avg 23,000 people moving in each year and estimating to double its population from 900,000 to 1.9MM by 2030 There is a lot of new demand in […]

Can you tell us some of the deals that you are working on now?

We have few good Lands that can be a excellent Buy & Hold We have few Cash flow properties with more than 10% cash on cash returns with stable tenant base. We have couple of Multi Family Apartment opportunities.

What kind of clients/investors you deal with?

We get a lot of NEW commercial real estate investors and most of them are referrals from previous clients. They need guidance and tools which we provide. We also have sophisticated buyer / investors and corporates whom we help identify market areas and also help build new real estate projects[…..]

What are some of your current projects ?

Frisco – 121& Independence – 11 Acres – Developing Retail & Office – 86,00 sqft Frisco – Coit & Lebanon – 2.4 Acres – Medical & General Office – 30,000 sqft Carrollon – 121& Hebron – 2.5 Acres – Retail / Office Land -14,000 + 10,000 sqft McKinney – Opp[…..]

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