What are your focus areas in 2018 in real estate investing ?

Multi Family, Residential Lots & New Construction

What do you offer to your first time clients ?

Free Consultation on below and any other general questions they may have Deal Analysis – We help them analyze the deal. Build vs Buy Analysis – If someone is contemplating on Build vs Buy we provide them a wholistic view to help them decide.

What sets your company apart from the other competitors in the north dallas market?

We are a dedicated skilled professional team of people who are full time into real estate who take our investors money seriously. I was an Investor and I think of everydeal as if I was an Investor. We have a dedicated data research,marketing team in house which is critical. So[…..]

What would you advise your real estate investors

I used to do lot of residential investments starting back in 2002 and now I am doing 100% commercial including Multi family. Risk can be mitigated by control and control is achieved by your analysis. Analysis are of various categories like Market outlook Sub market analysis Cap rate analysis Expense[…..]

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